The local currency is called Króna, it has been our currency since 1885


Most tourist find Iceland to be an expensive country to visit 

Duty free

We recommend taking advantage of the duty free store in the airport, specially when it comes to alcohol, it’s a lot cheaper.

Cards vs cash

Icelanders use their credit/debit cards much more then they do cash. You can pay with a card almost everywhere. The exceptions might be flee markets and farm shops. 


There is no tipping culture in Iceland since its already included in the price. However if you feel like you have received perfect service you can round up the bill or leave a small tip, it will be appreciated. 

Money saving tools and tips


The tap water is one of the best in the world and free. Don´t buy bottled water when you can drink the water for free


Krónan and Bónus are the cheapest stores and you can find good deals. The 24h stores and gas stations are much more expensive 

Icelandic coupons

Its a coupons app and book that you can buy for a small amount, it has got a good variation of offers


Reykjavík Appy hour

If you are staying in Reykjavík and want to grab a drink then this is your friend, alcohol is expensive in Iceland and getting a beer on offer is always good


Buy gas in big towns, the smaller the town the more expensive the gas can be. No service gas stations are cheaper – like OB and orkan

Tips from travelers that have been to Iceland

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