Iceland: adventure under the midnight sun

Forged by fire and honed by ice, Iceland is home to some of the greatest wilderness areas in Europe. Small in population to begin with, the vast majority of people live in Reykjavik, leaving huge expanses undeveloped, practically free from human impact. The result is a visually stunning landscape with points of natural interest around every bend in the road. But it’s not just the lack of people that makes Iceland a nature lovers paradise. As one of the youngest landmasses on Earth, Iceland is alive with volcanic activity—from hot springs to steaming lava fields—producing a raw elemental appeal that sticks with you long after you’ve returned home. For those reasons and more, Iceland has become an increasingly popular destination for outdoors enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and landscape photographers. As a Worldwide Wanderer for Alaska Airlines I couldn’t help but be excited for this bucket list destination!

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