Driving in Iceland


The weather has so much to do with everything we do in Iceland, specially driving. It tells us how fast we can drive, where we can go and what type of a car we need.


During winter it’s important to check at the weather report every couple of hours,  to make sure you won’t be stuck in a blizzard. During summer make sure you have your eyes open for sheep running across the road.


Choose wisely, depending on what type of road trips you intend to make. You might need a 4×4 with studded tires; or maybe you can use a 2×4 with studdless tires. Either way make sure to have proper insurance.

Driving with Elfis

This video was created by drive.is and it explains how you should drive in Iceland, in a bit of a silly way, but it shows the most important information.

Iceland Academy

Inspired by Iceland created this great website that explains how to drive in Iceland. They also created this video that we recommend.


Road conditions in Iceland

This website is the travelers best friend! We use it every time we travel around Iceland because it contains info on the conditions of all the roads. It is an interactive map that you can click on to get specific information about the road you are interested in.

Tips from travelers that have driven in Iceland

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