A night in the Aurora bubble hotel, Iceland

Last week I had the chance to stay overnight in the Aurora Bubble Hotel, known as the 5 Million Star Hotel, so I took my Mum and we headed off to sleep in a bubble under the stars. A beautifully crisp winters day, we arrived into a winter wonderland, ready for the Aurora and to sleep under a blanket of stars. The Bubbles act like a hotel and provide you with a room which is fully transparent, providing the perfect Northern Lights Hotel. Each Bubble sleeps two adults in a comfortable double bed, minimum age is six years old for health and safety reasons. The structure is completely inflatable and made out of a fire-retardant PVC tarpaulin, you literally sleep in a bubble. The structure keeps itself inflated by a slight over-pressure from a noiseless ventilation system. The system is designed to renew the air 2-7 times per hour, this also prevents any humidity. The system has an heating element with thermostat so the Bubble is cosy and warm all winter.  

The above information, picture, title and text was all taken from the blog that is being referred to. 

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