9 days in Iceland: A 9 day Iceland itinerary around ring road & beyond

Many people have told me, this is the best Iceland itinerary I’ve seen! This makes me glad, because planning a trip to Iceland and determining an Iceland itinerary can be challenging. It’s a country with so much to see and do and taste. When I sat down to plan our Iceland itinerary for our epic honeymoon road trip, I became instantaneously overwhelmed. For a few reasons:
  • Despite it’s size, it’s astounding how much there is to see/do in Iceland.
  • It’s difficult to determine how much can be accomplished/driven in a day.
  • Icelandic is a challenging language. The names of every destination is, obviously, Icelandic.

The above information, picture, title and text was all taken from the blog that is being referred to. 

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